Integration Questions Answers | Integration Problems with Solutions

Integration is known as the inverse process of derivatives, also called anti-derivative. There are many techniques to find integrations. In this article, we will provide a few examples of integrations with detailed solutions. Integration Formulas Power rule of integration: ∫xn dx = $\dfrac{x^{n+1}}{n+1}$+C Integrations of constants: ∫k dx = kx+C ∫sin x dx = -cosx+C … Read more

Integration of mod x | Integral of modulus x

Integration of |x|. Before we find the integration of modulus of x or the integration of the absolute value of x, we need to know what |x| is. Then we will calculate the integration of mod x. What is mod x? If $x$ is a real number number, then $|x|$ is defined as follows: $|x|=x … Read more

Integration of root x | Integral of root x

Integration of √x dx. We have learned how to find the derivative of the square root of x on our page derivative of root x. In this article, we will discuss how to find the integration of the square root of x and solve a few related problems. Integration of root x What is the … Read more

Integration: definition, formulas, properties, and examples

Basic concepts of Integration: In Differential Calculus, we have learned to find the derivative/differential of a differentiable function. A natural question that may come to one’s mind is that what is the inverse method of differential calculus. More precisely, if we know the derivative of a function, then can we determine the function? Let’s understand this … Read more