Laplace Transforms

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Here you will find the Laplace transform of functions as well as their inverse Laplace transform. The Laplace transform table, formula, properties, and applications to find the solution of an ODE will be discussed here.

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Laplace Transform of Derivatives

Laplace Transform of Integrals

Laplace of 1/t does NOT exist: Proof

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Laplace transforms of Basic Functions:

Functions f(t) L{f(t)}
1L{1} = 1/s
tL{t} = 1/s2
t3L{t3} = 6/s4
tnL{tn} = n!/s^{n+1}
2tL{2t} =1/(s-ln2), s>ln2
eatL{eat} = 1/(s-a)
sintL{sint} = 1/(s2+1)
sinatL{sin at} = a/(s2+a2)
costL{cost} = s/(s2+1)
cosatL{cos at} = s/(s2+a2)

More Laplace transforms:

tett sintt cost
teatt sinatt cosat
sin2t sin3tsint sin2t sin3tt2sin2t
t sin2tsin3t

Inverse Laplace Transforms

Table of Inverse Laplace Transformations

Inverse Laplace transform of 1

Inverse Laplace transform of 1/s

Inverse Laplace of 1/s2

Inverse Laplace of 1/s3

Inverse Laplace of 1/s(s+1)

Inverse Laplace of s/s+1