Factors of 43

Definition of factors of 43: If a number completely divides 43 with the remainder zero, then that number is called a factor of 43.

By the above definition, we can say that the factors of 43 are the divisors of 43. In this section, we will learn about the factors of 43 and the prime factors of 43.

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Highlights of Factors of 43

  • 43=1×43 is the prime factorization of 43.
  • The factors of 43 are 1 and 43.
  • The only prime factor of 43 is 43.
  • Negative factors of 43 are –1 and –43.

What are the Factors of 43?

To get the factors of 43 we need to first write the number 43 multiplicatively in all possible ways. We have:

43 = 1×43 

This is the only way we can express 43 multiplicatively. Therefore the factors of 43 in pairs are given as follows:

43 = a×bFactors in Pairs (a,b)
43 = 1×43 (1, 43)

Thus the only pair factor of 43 is (1, 43). We know that all the numbers appearing in pair factors are the factors of 43. So we conclude that

The factors of 43 are:

1 and 43.

Number of Factors of 43

From above we have calculated the factors of 43 which are 1 and 43. Thus the total number of factors of 43 is two.

Prime Factors of 43

Note that the factors of 43 are 1 and 43. Among those factors, we observe that only 43 is a prime number as it does not have any proper divisors.

∴ the only prime factor of 43 is the number 43 itself.

Question: What are the factors of 43?

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Is 43 a Prime Number?

As the factors of 43 are 1 and the number itself, by the definition of prime numbers, we can say that 43 is a prime number.

Conclusion: 43 is a prime number.

How to Find Factors of 43?

Now we will determine the factors of 43 by division method. In this method, we will find the numbers that can divide 43 with no remainder. See that

43/1=43 and the remainder is 0.

1 and 43 are factors of 43.

Note that no numbers other than the numbers in violet color can divide 43. So the numbers in violet color, that is, 1 and 43 are the complete list of factors of 43.

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