[Solved] Is 3/2 an Integer, Rational Number?

The number 3/2 in words, that is, 3/2 is spelled out as three halves (or, one and a half). 3/2 is neither an integer or a whole number, it is a rational number.

Is 3/2 an Integer

Answer: No, the number 3/2 is not an integer.

We know that $\dfrac{3}{2}=1 \dfrac{1}{2}$. In decimal form, 3/2 is equal to 1.5.

Thus, we see that 3/2 is neither a positive counting number nor a negative counting number. Also 3/2 ≠ 0.

This means that 3/2 is not an integer.

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Is 3/2 a Rational Number

Answer: Yes, the number 3/2 is a rational number.

A rational number can be expressed as $\dfrac{p}{q}$ with gcd(p, q)=1 and q≠ 0.

For 3/2,

p=3, q=2≠ 0, that is p and q are co-prime to each other.

So by the definition of rational numbers, 3/2 is a rational number.

Remark: 3/2 is not an irrational number.


Q1: Is 3/2 an integer?

Answer: As 3/2 can be a mixed fraction (one and a half), it cannot be an integer.

Q2: Is 3/2 an rational number?

Answer: Since 3/2 can be written as p/q with gcd(p, q)=1 and q≠ 0, the number 3/2 is rational.

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